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How I optimized my morning routine with Hyper-Automation

It may sound very weird, but have you ever considered your morning routine as a process? And the process can be improved by automation?

A process is a series of actions, events, or activities performed to accomplish a specific purpose. In this sense, your morning routine can be seen as a process. You get up, roll over once or twice, and maybe hit the nap button before getting out of bed to start your day.

In this way, many other processes, events are interconnected, and activities within the whole process must follow some sequence. For example, you can not brush your teeth without getting out of bed first.

While most of the activities are the same, every morning can be different. You may get out of bed 99% of the time, but definitely, there is that one day when you don’t feel well, and you can stay in bed all day.

Maybe in the next morning, where you can go to bed with an alarm. But on some days you can get up early to exercise or meditate. These small deviations make each day different and represent slightly different ‘processes’ that you may not be aware of.

Improve Daily Morning Routine with AIRA Automation

What if when you wake up one morning with a strong desire to understand your daily morning routine and perhaps point out opportunities to make it work better? I did that well with AIRA! 

I start my day by using Google Forms to create a list of questions to record each day’s activities and timestamps. Just a week later, I got the results to test my morning routine. More importantly, I can begin to analyze it explicitly as a business process using AIRA.

Mining process and automation packages take data you collect and use algorithms and dashboard tools to adapt surprisingly complex processes to calculate durability and visualize your data to make it more understandable.

One way such tools detect the process is using a process graph. After entering my data even in my weekly morning time.

I started using Google Forms to create a list of questions to record each day’s activities and timestamps. More importantly, I can begin to analyze it explicitly as a business process using AIRA.

Why Should you Automate your Morning?

Here are three good reasons why your morning routine will help you get into production and focus on work. 

  • Minimal Effort

Once you have set up your automation systems, you should put in a little or no effort to keep them going. When things get out of hand, you will never have to motivate yourself to stay out of action.

  • Consistent Results

If you want to see yourself as an honest employee or focus on the job to be automatic, the secret lies firmly. Start your day with a consistent process, and you will get consistent results throughout the working day.

  • Room to Tweak and Optimize

If you are using systems and technologies to help in automating your morning routine, you can see where you need to improve or where you need to make tweaks. After that, you can add your automation to help get a good morning routine!

Creating New Results

Without process mining, I don’t have any idea about this. But now the question remains: How can I use this data and new data to improve my morning routine? Or more, how can I repeat my most successful day, my best practice – and reduce the time it takes to get out of bed each day?

Process mining and RPA go together to monitor process progress and automate operations to achieve results.


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