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The Fully Automated Enterprise is Here (and this is what it looks like)

We see the beginning of a new type of company: full-automate companies. They have the power to change the way business is run and, after that, leave entire industries transformed. 

Many corporate executives recognize that automation is the answer to many of the challenges that arise. A fully automated business is the ultimate game-changer for companies who are looking for growth. As technology emerges, customer expectations have also risen sharply. To address emerging challenges and achieve customer fulfilment, companies adopt fully automated solutions.

Our customers are excited about the full business automation capabilities but want to know which way. We are listening. Our customers were looking for an example, an automated business model that they could return to their company and say, “This! This is what I want! ”

Modern automation is planned in such a way that it wants the least human performance and high-performance machinery. According to the statistics Acumen Research and Consulting estimate that a fully automated solution will increase the US $ 3.8 billion by 2026 with a CAGR of 13.2% over the forecast period.

What is a Fully Automated Enterprise?

A fully automated business is a company that uses automation wherever it makes sense. It contradicts the traditional business plan to use automation without a clear plan for critical thinking before transforming the business. 

There are four-pillars of Automated business:

  •  Name all auto function to robots and make the background work invisible
  •  It gives robots for everyone in the company and gives people power, enabling them to focus on creative work.
  • Democracy is development so that power users can quickly build new automation and applications
  • It applies artificial intelligence to all workplaces, increasing the basis for automation in high-performance comprehension processes.

It all starts with AI.

A data scientist builds a trained AI model to predict automatic matches based on previous data. Machine learning skills and then present this prediction to be used in the AIRA Platform. Business users can call a machine learning model and get answers. It works with a database that you can use and use in workflow files and automation.

Automation can open a browser, log in to CRM bureaucrats, type relevant data, and pull predictive points from the machine learning model.

Necessary elements of a fully automated enterprise 

Assigning robots for back-office work

The main goal businesses try to achieve is the complete automation of back-office activities. This simple function includes duplicate methods which are based on rules such as data collection and processing, transaction processing, record synchronization, and more. A fully automated business has robots that can perform quickly, accurately, and continuously. 

Creating citizen developers

A business needs a viable resource to operate automation. The companies that use traditional methods were looking for alternatives to reducing human intervention. From now they have taken complete automated solutions to deal with this problem. Every company has the potential for automatic tails, but initially, they are small for development teams. 

Deploying an automated incident management mechanism

Automation can meet high event expectations and change management. It can bring the necessary stability to the process and the speed required by new business drivers. The automation includes step-by-step tasks such as creating a clear reliance map, actively identifying service issues, adjusting incident response and correction, and measurement and tune effects.


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Lovy Jain

Lovy Jain

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