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Empowering Every Employee to Become an Automation Hero of your Organization

As we move out of this unprecedented business environment, managers are now disrupting modern businesses more than ever. At the forefront of this change, will be the employees who have to find new ways to solve problems and drive change in a rapidly changing environment. As a result, I think there will be an unprecedented need for digital assistants based on robots that will be the vehicle for transformation across desktops.

According to Pew Research, by 2025, the creative phase would all have digital assistants. The idea may seem absurd at that time but, not now. 

The Journey of Automation Hero

The Journey of an Automation Hero is a tale you have seen many times in literature and art. The ideal plot of many of your favorite movies such as Star Wars, The Matrix, The Lion King, Harry Potter, and Finding Nemo. 

On the automation hero’s journey, the unexpected hero:

  • It goes from their life and into the unknown as the journey is direct at them
  • It endures successive trials
  • Finally returning home after being converted

The main character can start as an employee would be using many systems, forms, and hand-crafted processes to complete the job as efficiently and inexpensively as possible. But the protagonist will also know that there has to be a better way.

Now, these workers have been placed in an unknown location and asked to do more with less. We have seen this in real life recently, with many examples of clients using automation to respond to changes in demand during the current pandemic.

The final size of the role the RPA will play in helping our economy regenerate, like many others at this time, is still unknown.

The right way to Work

  • Automation

Automation is not about replacing people but improving their knowledge. On average, managers spend two full days a week on administrative tasks that prevent them from doing strategic work. Performing routine tasks frees employees to spend more time with their internal or external clients. As a result, employees will want to highlight innovations to achieve the best with fewer resources.

Empower automation at your organization

Robotic assistants give humans the freedom to focus on the human side of their work. Employees at your organization will empower you to participate and help lead organizational transformation.

With AIRA, employees don’t need to be an engineer to submit their automation ideas or to use automation created by the company’s Center of Excellence.

Just as the main character in a typical hero’s journey often has a ‘piece’ or a loyal friend helping them on their journey, your employees are not alone. AIRA provides free education and automation to enable them to participate independently across the organization.

What all this means for your Organization

The automation hero’s journey ends when the main character returns home from their life-changing adventure. Automation is not just a matter of your employees participating in automation change in your entire organization. It is the key to your success now and tomorrow.


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Shwetanganee Dubey

Shwetanganee Dubey

Marcom Executive at AIRA

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