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Transform Customer Service Experience with RPA and Chatbot

Customer Relationship Management is a significant function for the business and holds the potential to influence a company’s success. Advancements in technologies such as AI/ML and Natural Language Processing have made it much easier for businesses to make their customer service work. The use of chatbots has developed as a promising solution to this. Companies are now realizing that bots can perform much larger tasks and combine various background actions that help the customers in the best possible way.

According to Gartner, around 60% of service leaders indicated that bots and VCAs would become more important in the next two years. The service center needs to consider how these technologies can integrate into current operations, customer-focus, and forward-looking programs. It is also evident that customers find chat conversations more convenient in comparison to other mediums. 

An excellent app means different things to different people but, there is a growing selection of personal and digital engagement.

  • 68% of consumers recognize that texting is the easiest way to stay connected with businesses
  • About 82% of customers expect a quick response from products
  • More than 50% of customers say that chat support increases their chances of buying


Happy customers

At AIRA, we are committed to helping you delight your customers and meet their needs throughout the customer journey. We believe that automation can allow chat conversations to move from simple interactions to managing advanced service requests. The AIRA Platform allows AIRA chatbots and robots to work freely together to fulfill your client’s queries. The chatbot understands customer intent and the robot works behind the scenes to make it happen.


Enhance Employee Experience

Employees spend a lot of time accessing programs such as leave applications, order verification, sales updates. With automated integration and chat conversations, employees can use the chatbot interface to retrieve information or send data to applications without a screen-to-screen. Application fatigue can be a thing of the past and employees can focus on doing the job. 


The integration of chatbots enables you to deliver:


  • Customer development with 24/7 customer support
  • Expanded customer engagement in the customer’s favorite channel
  • Quick and accurate responses to your customers

RPA and Chatbox Use-case

To understand the use of RPA in Chatbots, consider an example. 

The customer reports the risk to the insurance company via web form, calling, or texting. The AI ​​bots used by the insurance provider will extract the required information from the transmitted message and help collect more information about the incident, such as uploading photos and videos, assisting with subsequent verification, and demanding. Data collected through chatbots can get important information about customer needs, which can also help bring about a personalized feeling.

Communication between the customer and the insurance company is governed by AI-enabled chat conversations. It makes the process faster and efficient. RPA will help process the claim more quickly by extracting the required information from the claim post.

RPA bots can configure to follow the rules and workflows depending on the type of insurance claim. It can help streamline the process around claiming, accepting damages and compensation amounts, and making payments to the customer much. While using asset flows and accounting systems can take a long time to process a claim, RPA bots can speed up the process significantly while also eliminating the possibility of manual errors.

There is no denying that AI conversations are AI-enabled and RPA tools redefine the customer service industry. These advanced digital tools always raise standards through active customer engagement, quick problem solving, and back-office integration. With all the various processes they can use, using chat chats and RPA software will thrive in the future. 



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