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Customer 360 view: Robotic process automation

Robotic Process Automation is a technology that allows organizations to use software robots to perform specific tasks automatically. It can be used to mimic within the entire business or IT process. It may involve data fraud, transferring data to and from various applications, initiating responses, or making transactions. 


RPA is currently the fastest-growing technology. According to Gartner, RPA is also at the core of hyper-automation, the #1 technology trend of 2020. 


What can RPA robots do?

  • Log into any application
  • Connect to system APIs
  • Scrape data from the web
  • Read and write to the database
  • Move files and folders
  • Extract content from PDFs, email, and forms
  • Make calculations
  • Open emails and attachments


Our Customer 360 RPA Services


  • RPA Assessment


AIRA believes that the experienced measurement of engagement and construction of the automated pipeline is critical to recognizing the impact of RPA across the business. AIRA provides high-quality, automated testing, using experienced staff to find high-level candidates. 

At the beginning of the test, AIRA determines where the customer organization is currently sitting about its maturity and readiness RPA. Through the available resources, organization, data, technology, and performance, AIRA specifically plans the RPA solution pipeline. This customized understanding ensures maximum speed and speed of implementation.


  • Process Mining and optimization


To maximize the ROI, automation capabilities and to build a continuous automatic pipeline process to measure RPA, AIRA uses Process Mining technology to obtain a complete end-to-end process view to identify obstacles and calculate automation power.

Each pipe used is detailed, including the individual process on the machine, the assembly methods, the level of effort, the dependence, the potential impact, and the breakdown analysis. AIRA does not use the process as it is. 


  • RPA Development and Deployment


Depending on your operational responsibilities, AIRA customizes the hiring of certified developers to ensure the effective delivery of selected business automation processes and sends them to production.

AIRA’s unique integrated delivery model takes a step-by-step approach where you can bring staff into operation and development. They can learn the automatic entry and exit of automatic growth in their area and our high-level partners to support them.


  • Automation Operation Model and Center of Excellence


Depending on the maturity level and willingness of our customers, AIRA will provide full strategic consultation and release of the Automatic Performance Model and determine the best RPA Center of Excellence structure based on the different business needs of each client.

AIRA will simplify the success of an RPA program, performance, management change, and support, as well as continuous monitoring and compliance with the business impacts imposed by the RPA across the business.


  • Managed Services and robot Health checks


The provision of AIRA-managed services offers a wide range of Service Level response options depending on client needs. Our 24×7 stand-alone monitoring, response, and events provide high availability and reduce risk.


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