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How Process Mining Can Benefit Your Business?

Have you double-checked that the procedures and tasks you’re planning to automate are functioning properly? The risk of utilizing Robotic Process Automation without supporting technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and process mining are that you won’t know your processes well enough and will end up inefficiently increasing them.


Start with the correct processes, be aware of their exceptions, and regularly monitor and simplify them with the right tools to get the most out of your automation investment and attain your full operational potential. This necessitates the use of RPA, AI, and process mining, which are all components of intelligent automation.


Intelligent automation is the only way to build end-to-end processes that are genuinely resilient and efficient.


Discover your Complete and Unbiased End-to-End Processes


Investigate Interactive Process-Visualizations


By automatically visualizing the real-life execution of your processes, you can get everyone on the same page.


The first step in any automation project is to figure out how your processes work in practice, including all of their variations and deviations. However, understanding what’s going on in your organization’s operations isn’t always enough. 


Process mining assists you in accomplishing this by visualizing your comprehensive and unbiased processes in interactive flowcharts, allowing you to delve into as much depth as you like while learning about them. Make data-driven decisions with an expected return on investment, and work with your stakeholders to study all aspects of the process.


View all Process Exceptions and Variations


Have you faced delays in RPA implementation?


The underlying cause of the delay is a change in how businesses sketch out their procedures. Exceptions are typically identified by interviewing persons who work with the process. This task is not only time-consuming and resource-intensive, but it also yields subjective and erroneous findings. We miss half of the exceptions because we tend to oversimplify processes.


These undiscovered exceptions play a critical role in delivering functional automation, as digital agents must be taught how to handle exceptions to function. How can you teach RPA about process exceptions if you’re not aware of them?


Process mining automatically uncovers all variations and displays the most common or inefficient process flows and phases, among other things. When you’re first starting with automation, this information is critical, and process mining extracts it all from the source system using built-in connectors.


Discover the Most Granular Tasks


Task-level discovery is a feature of some process mining software that adds detail to the overall process understanding and allows firms to develop a more complete picture of their processes.


When task-level discovery and process mining are combined, you may learn not only how processes function based on IT system logs, but also about the manual tasks that occur between process steps.


AIRA, for example, has a task recording feature that allows you to find processes down to the task level and leverage process mining with any RPA, low-code, or workflow platform.


Find the Root Cause for Process and Automation Crises


What is it that is causing your procedures to fail?


More advanced process mining software may contain a Root Cause Analysis, which highlights the causes of problems in your processes in flowcharts and ranks them based on how they contribute to business results with a single click.


When you wish to improve your operations, this helps you prioritize actions.


See the List of Prioritized Top Automation Opportunities 


RPA is frequently promoted as the solution for all inefficient work. However, as RPA matures, businesses will be saddled with high maintenance expenses, broken bots, and little idea of what has changed in their processes.


Process mining allows you to keep control of automation and avoid building new bots for tiny tasks where the business benefits aren’t immediately apparent. The automation opportunity scout generates a prioritized list of your company’s finest automation opportunities.


Calculate the ROI of Automation 


Process mining assists in the reasoning of automation initiatives. When considering new automation opportunities, it is simple to test the effects of your ideas before implementation and calculate the ROI. This function, in conjunction with the automation opportunity scout, assists you in ensuring that your automation is successful.



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