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AIRA Intelligent Document Processing

Automate your 99% of documents with AI-powered document processing

Experience a cutting-edge AI-driven solution, designed to automate every step of your document workflow seamlessly.

Automate at speed

Efficiently extract data from scanned documents, regardless of their format or source. Automate communication to minimize the need for manual follow-up on discrepancies. Additionally, filter out spam and duplicate documents to streamline your workflow.

Adapt to document layout changes

Our system, powered by advanced LLM technology, is trained on millions of complex transactional documents, ensuring accuracy and rapid learning. It adjusts seamlessly to various document styles, smoothly includes detailed inputs in validations, and adeptly handles intricate elements such as nested tables and grids.

Consolidate automation within one platform

Eliminate manual processes such as calculations, sorting, and endless email exchanges regarding your processed documents.Tailor automations to match your business requirements effortlessly through our intuitive low-code interface.Overcome communication barriers with external partners and ensure seamless sharing of real-time updates.

Transform Your Document Processing with AIRA

Embrace the future of document processing and elevate your workflow to new heights. Automate your document management processes, reduce errors, and accelerate decision-making. Experience the freedom to focus on what truly matters – driving your business forward.


More Features

AIRA's intelligent document processing (IDP) solution offers support for multiple languages, the ability to extract and process data from both structured and unstructured documents, a high level of accuracy, and fast processing speeds.
Automated Data Extraction

Our advanced algorithms can handle various document types, such as invoices, receipts, contracts, and emails. The system intelligently identifies and captures relevant information, significantly reducing manual data entry and the risk of human error.

Document Classification

The system uses machine learning models to recognize different document types and classify them accordingly. This feature is particularly useful for managing large volumes of documents and ensuring they are routed to the correct workflows or departments.

Integration Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and applications for a more cohesive workflow. Our solution is designed to work with various enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, and DMS. This ensures that data flows smoothly across your organization.

Customizable Workflows

We offers a flexible workflow engine that allows you to design and implement processes that align with your unique operational needs. You can set up approval chains, automate task assignments, and configure alerts and notifications to ensure smooth operations.

Case Study

Transformative Impact of AI Power Automation

Discover how automation transform operations, streamlining processes and enhancing productivity for unparalleled success.

Connect anything

Integrated Services

AIRA makes it easy to connect with your preferred apps and systems. Transfer data to and from AIRA automatically, hassle-free, for streamlined operations and enhanced productivity.


Intelligent Automation Insights

Dive into the transformative power of generative AI in automation, uncovering its limitless potential to streamline workflows and boost productivity.