Hyper-automation & winning with artificial intelligence

COVID-19 revealed the true potential of artificial intelligence to the commercial world. It has hastened the adoption of disruptive technology by businesses to create the new normal of work. Hyper-automation processes, which are a combination of AI and machine learning with autonomy driven by cognitive process automation and robots, have become increasingly popular in businesses […]

RPA and AI: An ideal automation blend

Automation technologies are driving a significant change across different segments. As their popularity tends to rise, more and more people are becoming aware of how robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) are impacting their everyday lives. This rising awareness is accompanied by the emergence of new ideas, and also a few misconceptions.    […]

Scaling your Existing RPA: Tips to keep a note of

Despite the consistent increase in robotic process automation (RPA) adoption, organizations are still struggling with its expansion. Scaling existing RPA initiatives is posing a challenge due to rising issues at the organization level. Unlike traditional technologies, RPA can be assimilated into your existing infrastructure without any increase in overhead expenses. The technology’s seamless integration and […]

Transform Customer Service Experience with RPA and Chatbot

Customer Relationship Management is a significant function for the business and holds the potential to influence a company’s success. Advancements in technologies such as AI/ML and Natural Language Processing have made it much easier for businesses to make their customer service work. The use of chatbots has developed as a promising solution to this. Companies […]

The Fully Automated Enterprise is Here (and this is what it looks like)

We see the beginning of a new type of company: full-automate companies. They have the power to change the way business is run and, after that, leave entire industries transformed.  Many corporate executives recognize that automation is the answer to many of the challenges that arise. A fully automated business is the ultimate game-changer for […]