Is RPA a Strategy or a Tool?

Robotic Process Automation is currently a widely used technology. Over 85% of big corporations use it in some capacity, and we’re on the verge of seeing it scale rapidly as more pilots and proofs of ideas turn into enterprise-wide automation initiatives.   The numbers speak for themselves   The advantages of automation are numerous. Businesses […]

Automation journey: Process Mining is a key to continuous value realization

COVID-19 has brought to light more concerns with legacy business models’ survival and business continuity. Businesses across the board are rushing to implement digital, automated, and intelligent business processes.   While many businesses have successfully launched low-complexity use cases, they are still having trouble scaling these projects to enterprise-wide operations.   Identifying and maintaining a […]

Where Should Intelligent Automation Begin- With Data Or Processes?

Many of the clients I’ve spoken with over the last year have been seeking methods to improve their processes by making them smarter, more adaptive, and resilient. According to our latest research, many firms regard a mix of AI and automation, or intelligent automation, as critical to accomplishing these objectives.   Despite the promise of […]

3 Use Cases for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence technologies have exploded across a wide range of technological sectors. Several cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies are already having a significant impact on how decisions are made and activities are completed, and it is clear that this trend will continue. The demand for automating repetitive jobs will only grow in the future, […]

How Automated Delivery is impacting business during Pandemic

Automated delivery has emerged as a boon for businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. In wake of current circumstances, the use of automation tools has witnessed a steep surge. Due to lack of customer footfall, retail setups and industries have turned to alternatives that ensure automatic management of inventories, plus recurring sales.   Automated delivery comes […]

The Fully Automated Enterprise is Here (and this is what it looks like)

We see the beginning of a new type of company: full-automate companies. They have the power to change the way business is run and, after that, leave entire industries transformed.  Many corporate executives recognize that automation is the answer to many of the challenges that arise. A fully automated business is the ultimate game-changer for […]