RPA for Small Business: Here’s what you should know

The strength of small businesses resides in their centralized management and administration. With limited resources, small businesses make sure to achieve optimum. However, the technology is considered to be a riskier investment. But that doesn’t mean the technology is not for them.    To make small businesses better positioned for automation, the right approach goes […]

Transform Customer Service Experience with RPA and Chatbot

Customer Relationship Management is a significant function for the business and holds the potential to influence a company’s success. Advancements in technologies such as AI/ML and Natural Language Processing have made it much easier for businesses to make their customer service work. The use of chatbots has developed as a promising solution to this. Companies […]

Empowering Every Employee to Become an Automation Hero of your Organization

As we move out of this unprecedented business environment, managers are now disrupting modern businesses more than ever. At the forefront of this change, will be the employees who have to find new ways to solve problems and drive change in a rapidly changing environment. As a result, I think there will be an unprecedented […]

Scale Your Automation with this 7 Pillar Framework

Enterprise modernization is currently in full rage. Businesses are looking forward to rapid evolution and investing heavily in automation technologies. Well, to run a business with full efficiency and ensure seamless adoption of automation, organizations need to follow a systematic framework. Based on the common challenges companies encounter in their transformation journey, we bring you […]

The Top Ten reasons people succeed after implementation of Hyper-Automation

The first time the term Hyper-Automation was used was in October 2019 as one of Gartner’s 2020 masterpieces of technology. Since then, the buzz around the world has already gained momentum and emerged as one of the most promising trends in recent times.  When automation started to enter the scene Many organizations were reluctant not […]