Thriving innovation through strategic hyper-automation integration in the workforce

COVID 19 pandemic has pushed businesses to embrace disruptive technology as soon as possible. According to a survey, only 56% of companies have begun their automation journey, with the remaining 72% planning to reap the benefits of this new edge technology.   Because many businesses now operate remotely, a systematic strategy to implement intelligent automation […]

Scale Your Automation with this 7 Pillar Framework

Enterprise modernization is currently in full rage. Businesses are looking forward to rapid evolution and investing heavily in automation technologies. Well, to run a business with full efficiency and ensure seamless adoption of automation, organizations need to follow a systematic framework. Based on the common challenges companies encounter in their transformation journey, we bring you […]

Using RPA to Overcome the Productivity Paradox

Is your organization dealing with the Productivity Paradox? You may not have heard the phrase directly, but it is a very common problem faced by workplaces these days. You buy new automated technologies such as software, a laptop, or a desktop computer, or you have all designed to help you and your organization grow the […]