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Automating the Invoice Processing System for a leading Telecommunications company

Customer Overview

This organization is a leading telecommunications company that is focused on creating critical technologies that connect the entire world through their networks, products and solutions. 

Being in the business for a long time now, this organization holds an accolade of being one of the earliest GSM device manufacturers. Today, the organization is focused on transforming the world of communications with high-end and technically lucrative mobile, infrastructure, cloud, and enabling technologies.


The Customer case  


The teams at AIRA are committed to solving one of the most exhausting yet critical use cases of their finance department, Invoice Processing.

An organization’s finance department employees typically invest hundreds of collective hours to manually segregate, scan and process thousands of invoices regularly. This manual effort is not just time-consuming but also involves multiple complexities. 

Since the team has to process more than 15000 documents in a month, they end up using a lot of tools such as iScala, Integrated Project Management Tool, etc. to perform various activities during the process. Since a lot of human intervention is required, the chances of human errors are very high and correcting such errors eventually leads to delaying the payments.  


Customer Objective

To Implement an RPA solution to simplify the entire invoice processing and payment settlement process. 

The AIRA Platform was implemented to automate invoice processing and thus eliminates these repetitive tasks and speeding up the payments.

How is AIRA RPA making a difference?


AIRA’s digital agents primarily focus on automating the following functionalities:

  1. Seamlessly introducing modularity to integrate/remove 3rd party tools and systems
  2. Reducing the overall turnaround time to accelerate the entire process 
  3. Eliminate redundancies and manual errors 

The biggest advantage that the organization witnessed after implementing AIRA in their existing infrastructure was the way it was smoothly integrated with the organization’s ERP systems. The digital agents work directly from the server, which eliminates the use of multiple machines and resources from the entire processing model, to save time and increase accuracy. 

AIRA also introduces a smart and automated document process based on parameters such as site id, document id, etc. to backtrack the errors.


How will AIRA transform the existing processes?


  1. Integration with the existing infrastructure
  2. Data input channel
  3. AIRA
  4. Segregation, processing and send to output field
  5. Output through ERP, emails, etc.



When we started working with AIRA, we were very clear about our objectives, we wanted a system that was easy to use, requires the least amount of manual intervention, is easy to learn and adapt to and capable of talking with our existing infrastructure, and AIRA has successfully done all that for us.”


About AIRA

Artificially Intelligent Robotic Automation  

AIRA is an AI and ML-powered digital agent that is designed specially to overtake and automate your ‘everyday tasks and business processes through robotic automation. AIRA offers effective and scalable integration with digital technologies and legacy systems to free your workforce from labour-intensive/low output tasks. It also allows you to craft your own automated workflow to build your personalized low code/no-code automation suite.


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