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How AIRA Assists Companies in Cutting Newcomer Onboarding Time By 75%



Our client is a well-known financial services firm with millions of customers. Its enormous scale necessitates a large workforce in order to efficiently supply all of the services that their customers anticipate. However, onboarding new employees took six weeks after they were hired.




As recruitment is a continuous process, the real problem came when it came to onboarding new employees. The bank had to complete a number of procedures, such as account setup and IT set-up, in order to get a new employee up to and running, all of which required input from several departments. There were also additional external regulatory assessments as a financial services organization. The onboarding procedure took six weeks to complete manually and consecutively. With new staff arriving each month, the challenge quickly became overwhelming.




Our Client employed AIRA digital agents because tasking HR staff with manually integrating new workers was taking too long. Digital agents now handle the onboarding process as soon as an offer of employment is made. They automatically notify the appropriate departments, collect the necessary data, create accounts, and complete the required compliance checks.


What’s the end result? A process that was taking six weeks is now completed in only two days. Furthermore, this significant drop has resulted in an increase in new employee NPS scores, assisting the client in attracting and retaining additional employees.


Our client has now automated over 350 procedures across its business, demonstrating the benefits of intelligent automation. They were able to do all of this in under four years because they used a reusable approach to asset development, keeping over 500 objects that allow developers to quickly roll out new automations.




  • 85% Faster staff onboarding in 2 days instead of 5 weeks
  • Faster onboarding boosted employees satisfaction


About AIRA


Artificially Intelligent Robotic Automation  

AIRA is an AI and ML-powered digital agent that is designed specially to overtake and automate your everyday tasks and business processes through robotic automation. AIRA offers effective and scalable integration with digital technologies and legacy systems to free your workforce from labor-intensive/low output tasks. It also allows you to craft your automated workflow to build your personalized low code/no-code automation suite.


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