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Implementing Robotic Process Automation in Educational Institutions

Customer Overview

The client is a leading educational organization with more than two million applications from potential students every year from around the globe. The application requirements for each school associated with the online service providers are different from those accompanied by some supporting documents, such as Birth Certificates, Pre-School Registration, Address Proof, etc. 


During the enrollment process, in summer and early fall sessions, the client used and retained 120 registrars, and their 35 full-time employees are fully involved in the enrollment process.


The registration manager had to review all the documents, prepare all the submitted images to meet the exact set of photo guidelines, and label each program as accepted or rejected depending on the set criteria. 


Every customer-linked organization had some documentation guidelines:


  • Documents should properly align in portrait mode 
  • Images must be clear
  • The documents must be in the standard form for each category in the application


With 85% of documentary images included in the applications considered to be captured with a mobile phone camera, almost all the photos had to be altered, rotated, and the background had to be set. The registration department is forced to spend a lot of time performing time-consuming activities such as editing photos and rejecting applications. 



The post-process analysis shows the need to integrate hyper-automation solutions, designed based on technologies such as machine learning, computer vision, and RPA to create straightforward, integrated client automation. 


RPA In Education Sector 

RPA is primarily used to streamline and automate the following functional areas in the educational sector: 


  • Course planning
  • Minimizing errors and creating punctuality in the registration and student counselling offices.


Leading Practice for Implementing RPA

Educational institutions have a great responsibility to educate the next generation. RPA will empower the institution to do more with limited resources and budget constraints. When it is fully operational, intelligence can take over the busy work that comes out of their jobs, so the employees are free from the time-consuming tasks, and they interact with students in the classroom.


Customer Case

The University sought to conduct the process involving more than 50,000 students and 3,000 academic staff in the institution. 

Currently, they are facing the issues of filling the documents and personally verifying them, which takes a lot of time and resources for the institution. 


  • The management staff has spent a lot of time managing student academic procedures, management reports, employee procedures for vacation leave, staff movements, and boarding.
  • Enrollment processes of any institution have increased costs while providing less user experience.


Customer Objective

To implement an RPA solution that simplifies the entire enrollment process of an educational institution. 


How is AIRA RPA making a difference?

AIRA was deployed to automate the institution’s entire enrollment process, thus eliminating repetitive tasks and errors.

AIRA uses its RPA platform to perform high-impact, high-frequency processes at the University. The client saves 10,000 hours annually with AIRA solution. They automated 20 processes which helped to save 10,000 hours of manual labor annually. 

AIRA helps the institution to automate data approval during the admission and an administrative task as well.

Our team onboarded the platform to operate the process and transaction unassisted till the completion of the process. AIRA transformed student services, IT administration by automating the process. 


 It will bring multiple benefits such as:


  • AIRA can do the various tasks at a faster pace, it helps you save money that you spent on getting those tasks done by humans.
  • Employees can feel relaxed as AIRA will handle and effectively perform most of the mundane tasks.
  • One of the most exciting features of AIRA is that it can carry out jobs 24/7 without any errors. Organizations can achieve performance excellence. 
  • With the cost-saving tool, organizations experience long-term savings, and it increases compliance and streamlines disparate sources.  



“Without any question, AIRA has been successfully delivered on the promise of faster RPA implementations. We selected AIRA for our automation journey due to their inherently high flexibility to react to our evolving requirements. No other provider demonstrate an understanding of our needs nor was more responsive. we wanted a system that was easy to use, requires the least amount of manual intervention, is easy to learn and adapt to, and capable of talking with our existing infrastructure, and AIRA has successfully done all that for us.”


About AIRA

Artificially Intelligent Robotic Automation  

AIRA is an AI and ML-powered digital agent that is designed specially to overtake and automate your everyday tasks and business processes through robotic automation. AIRA offers effective and scalable integration with digital technologies and legacy systems to free your workforce from labor-intensive/low output tasks. It also allows you to craft your automated workflow to build your personalized low code/no-code automation suite.


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