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RPA Can Improve Customer Experience In Financial Services

The Client


This financial services company, which operates one of the world’s fastest payment processing networks, combines technology with the knowledge to make transactions between consumers, merchants, and businesses simple and secure.


The Challenges 


The company needed to eliminate faults in its key systems, which were critical for accuracy.

Team members had to manually evaluate pre-paid card accounts for issues like negative balances, chargebacks, and duplicate payments, then lodge a dispute on the customer’s behalf for 50 different programmes around the world.


The Solution


Despite having to shift staff to work remotely during the peak of the pandemic, the worldwide customer care team was able to quickly integrate digital agents to automate prepaid card transactions, sanctions list checks and dispute resolution. The solution provides guardrails to safeguard the company’s brand while also improving customer experiences.


The organisation was able to automate 95% of the workflow with RPA, resulting in a tenfold increase in daily account processing from 70 to 700. Only 5% of the procedure necessitated further staff screening. Furthermore, rather than working around the clock, automation allowed the staff and the bot to work the same US hours, boosting overall productivity.


Another digital agent manages data in fundamental systems, such as automatic bank identity number entry. Automating these processes not only saved staff time by eliminating the need to manually enter numbers, but also reduced the risk of errors, ensuring that up to one billion cards around the world continue to function.


The Result


  1. Increased the number of prepaid accounts processed each day.
  2. Prepaid card screening processes are automated in 95% of cases


About AIRA


Artificially Intelligent Robotic Automation  

AIRA is an AI and ML-powered digital agent that is designed specially to overtake and automate your everyday tasks and business processes through robotic automation. AIRA offers effective and scalable integration with digital technologies and legacy systems to free your workforce from labor-intensive/low output tasks. It also allows you to craft your automated workflow to build your personalized low code/no-code automation suite.


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