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The New Way Of Loan Disbursement That Could Save Your Time

The Client


Our client is dedicated to developing a team of motivated individuals who will assist clients and shareholders in achieving financial wellness. One of the nation’s largest financial services firms is our client. Individuals and businesses throughout the United States and, in certain cases, abroad, use Key Companies’ investment management, retail and commercial banking, consumer finance, and investment banking products.


The Challenge


Due to internet connectivity challenges among distant employees, a developing bank had issues with its business loan procedure. Branches with internet issues have longer turnaround times and had trouble collecting documents and getting permissions. The entire loan disbursement process was carried out manually, resulting in errors and additional delays, as well as a negative impact on the customer experience.


The Solution


To build and deploy a centralised automated business process management system for loan disbursement, the AIRA team collaborated with the bank’s business and IT departments. It was integrated with the bank’s current business process management system. The team also built an interface for portable devices that allows remote bank employees to gather customer data and important documents offline and then synchronise it with a centralised server later. These efforts resulted in a 78% reduction in loan processing turnaround time and a 20% increase in business.


About AIRA


Artificially Intelligent Robotic Automation  

AIRA is an AI and ML-powered digital agent that is designed specially to overtake and automate your everyday tasks and business processes through robotic automation. AIRA offers effective and scalable integration with digital technologies and legacy systems to free your workforce from labor-intensive/low output tasks. It also allows you to craft your automated workflow to build your personalized low code/no-code automation suite.


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Shwetanganee Dubey

Shwetanganee Dubey

Marcom Executive at AIRA

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